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Association for Asian Union & Asia-Pacific Cooperation

A Non-Governmental Organization to promote the idea of UNITED ASIA (Founded 31 Aug. 2001)




General Provisions:

Nationals of all Asian Countries and Asians living in non-Asian countries as well as Non-Asians from all Continents are welcome as Members as the ultimate goal is a united, peaceful and prosperous world.


Membership Fees for Individuals:

Since goals of the "Association” would require consistent and patient work over a period, there is only Life-Membership at present, apart from being listed as a Patron or Institutional Member.

Only "Life Members or Institutional Members can become Office-bearers or vote in elections. Life-membership for resident Indians at present is Rs. 5000/ only. For Non-Resident Indians, i.e. those living outside of India, as well as for other Asians and Non-Asians the Fee for Life-membership is $200. In addition, an amount of Rs. 1000/ for those Resident in India and $50 for others is payable annually. The annual fee can also be paid in a lump-sum for 5 Years.



Individuals contributing Rs. 25000/, if Resident in India and $2500, if resident outside of India will be listed as Patrons. They will be eligible to be Office-bearers and also to vote.

Institutions & Business-Houses as Members:

An Institution, Business House or NGO can also become Permanent Member by paying Rs. 50000/, if based in India and $5000 if based abroad. Further contributions will be voluntary. Two representatives of the Institutional Member will be eligible to be Office- bearers and to vote.



Since membership fee alone will not create enough resources to pursue our goals, donations are requested from those in a position to make them. Those in a position to donate premises/properties in different major cities of Asia are requested to donate them as it would help us to open new branches.


Mode of Payments:

Payments can be sent directly to the account of Association for Asian Union, details of which are given below:

Account name: "Association for Asian Union", Account number: 0434073000000769, IFSC Code: SIBL0000434, Bank Name: South Indian Bank, Branch: Mayur Vihar Phase-1, New Delhi, India, 110091 .

Alternatively, payments may be made by crossed Cheques/Drafts in favour of "Association for Asian Union" and sent to the Chairman , Dr. Beni Prasad Agarwal, at A-45, I.F.S. Apartments, Mayur Vihar Phase-1, New Delhi-110091, India.

Transaction details of Payment to be sent to

As many are aware, we began in June 1999 with another NGO, namely, "Forum for Confederation in the Sub-Continent"(FOCIS) which is a registered body and had the limited goal of uniting  SAARC countries for Peace & Prosperity in South Asia. However, soon after the registration, the situation in this region deteriorated sharply because of three factors namely the Kargil War in which Pakistan attacked India, the Military Coup in Pakistan and the hijacking of an Indian plane from Kathmandu to Kandahar in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Therefore, "Association for Asian Union was launched in August 2001. However, an account in the name of "Forum for Confederation in the Sub-Continent exists. It also has tax exemption under Indian Income Tax Act. Details of this account are given below:

Account name: "Forum for Confederation in the Sub-Continent" Account Number: 00881000062826, Branch code: 88, MICR Code: 110240014, IFSC Code: HDFC0000088, Branch Name: Ansals Arcade,-Sector-18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India-201301,

Earlier we had a separate website for FOCIS. However, now the Preamble and Aims & Objects have been stated in the chapter on "Sub-Regions" on this website. Those interested can see.


How to Apply for Membership:

Application for membership can be made on plain paper or letter-head of person applying by giving Name, address, Date of Birth, Profession, E-mail address, phone number, fax number and sending to the Chairman at A- 45, IFS Apartments, Mayur Vihar, Phase-1, New Delhi, 110091, India. Application can also be made by E-Mail to by giving the same details and details of payment made.  If anyone wishes to have an Application Form for Life membership on the letter-head of the Association for Asian Union, he/she can request for the same by email at or by calling 91-9811113810.


 Associate Membership:

Those unable or unwilling to make payment for "Life Member”, but interested in promoting the Aims & Objects of the Organization can apply for "Associate Membership" by writing a letter to the Chairman at his address given on the Home page under Contacts, or by E-mail to   Persons applying for Associate Membership may give their Names, Age, Gender, Profession, Mailing address, Telephone number/numbers, Fax number, if any and E-mail.